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                      Focus on Hong Kong parcels, Hongkong Post parcels, Hong Kong EMS and other quality services.

                      China Post Big Package

                      I. Introduction of China Post Big Package

                      China Post Air Parcel is China Post's business that is different from China Post's parcels. It is China Post's international postal parcel service. It is air, land and water, air and water, and can be shipped to the world. In many countries, goods that are less demanding and have a heavier weight may be shipped in this way.

                      Second, the advantage of China Post big package

                      1. Low cost--The price comparison is slightly lower than EMS, and it does not calculate the volumetric weight like EMS. There is no remote surcharge. Compared with other modes of transportation (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), China Post has a large The package service has an absolute price advantage. This type of delivery can minimize costs and increase price competitiveness.  
                      2, the delivery is relatively convenient - can reach all parts of the world, as long as there is a post office can be reached.
                      3, convenient, fast - a single waybill, and the company unified printing, reducing the trouble of customers.
                      4. Provide tracking and inquiring service for parcels--On the day of parcel departure, you can check the information on China Post, and have a full tracking.

                      Three, China Post's large shipping restrictions

                      Weight limit:
                      0.001kg<=weight<=30kg (except for mails sent to other countries and regions outside Hong Kong, the weight of one piece cannot exceed 30 kg, and the number of shipments per ticket cannot exceed 1)
                      Volume limit:
                      (1) One side <=1.5 meters, the maximum horizontal circumference other than the length + length <=3 meters; 
                      (2) One side <=1.05 m, the maximum horizontal circumference other than the length + length <= 2 m
                      The minimum size limit of China Post's large bag is: the minimum side length is not less than 0.24 meters and the width is not less than 0.16 meters.

                      Four China Post Large Parcel Price Fees

                      Use the billing method on China Post's website:
                      (The price of the first weight 1KG + the price of the continued 1KG * the number of continued weights) * Discount
                      1. Aviation AIR parcel quotation: 0.75 fold of the published price + 8 yuan / ticket  
                      2, air transport land road large SAL offer: 0.75 fold of the published price +8 yuan / ticket + continued weight 10 yuan / KG fuel fee 
                      3, water and land surface offer: announced price +8 yuan / ticket

                      Five, the time limit of China Post big package

                      Generally speaking, it is generally 10-15 days for European and American countries, and 15-25 days for air and land transportation. The time for water transportation is relatively long, generally 1-2 months.

                      Six, prohibited goods sent

                      1. Items prohibited from circulation or delivery by national laws and regulations; 
                      2. Reactionary newspapers, books, publicity materials or obscene articles; 
                      3. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive, toxic and other dangerous goods; 
                      4. Items that impair public health; 
                      5. Perishable items; 
                      6, a variety of living animals; 
                      7, various currencies; 
                      8. Items that are not suitable for mailing conditions;

                      VII. Disclaimer

                      (1) Loss or damage caused by the inherent defects or essential components of the deposit; or the customs clearance and customs clearance caused by the destination customs authorities due to the suspected illegality of the shipment; incorrect description of the goods, false declaration, too low False declaration or other reasons that result in the confiscation, destruction, confiscation or detention of the shipment;
                      (2) Inappropriate packaging causes delay or damage to the shipment;

                      (3) delaying the delivery of the recipient's name or address or failing to deliver the successful return and failing to complete the additional service;

                      (4) The mail is well packaged at the time of the transaction, there is no trace of disassembly, and the recipient has signed the receipt according to the prescribed procedures. Afterwards, the recipient finds that the internals are missing.
                      Or damaged

                      (5) Delays, losses or damage caused by natural disasters, political factors, labor tides, nuclear explosions or wars.

                      Tips: About China Parcels Hong Kong Parcel Return
                      There are fees for China Post parcels and Hong Kong parcels for overseas return. How much freight is sent by the Chinese parcel? Return the shipping fee according to the return method you choose. The post office will have the corresponding charging credential to the sender (the Chinese parcel bill of lading can choose the channel on which the bill of lading can be returned). How much freight is sent in Hong Kong, and how much freight is returned. Then return to the mainland and there are import fees. The customer confirms whether to return if the order is filled. If not filled out, the company defaults to abandonment. Please note

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