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                      Current: Home >> Services >> India logistics line

                      Service Overview:

                        Hengda International and India Airlines (AI) launched a dedicated line for the Indian market, the first flight uses Indian Airlines (AI) express delivery position (OBC position), five flights a week from Hong Kong Mumbai and New Delhi Airport, the second-way delivery is responsible for the local cooperative delivery company in India. In the end, the time is quick, the customs clearance ability is strong, and the single-piece cargo is below 30KG.

                      Billing standard:

                      1. Shipping:

                          India express line freight has all included basic heading freight and local delivery fee, but does not include destination customs duties and other fees, subject to the data published on the website of Hengheng.

                          Hangzhou India Express Line first weight is 1KG, the weight of a single package (including the weight of the package) is limited to 30KG, can take more than one ticket, the total weight is not limited. The package size is limited to a single side size of less than 150CM. Hengyi India Express Line single ticket package weight is unlimited. The volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight and is charged according to the volumetric weight. The algorithm of volumetric weight is length*width*height/6000 (unit: CM)


                      2. Foreign fees:

                      Hengzheng only collects the parcel freight before shipment, and this price does not include any taxes that may be generated in the destination country. Customs or other miscellaneous fees may be generated when the parcel is cleared to foreign customs, and the recipient is required to pay, if the recipient refuses Payment will be borne by the sender. Parcels that generate customs duties, such as return or abandonment, are also subject to tax.

                      Reference time:

                      Country Reference time (working day)
                      India (New Delhi, Mumbai) 4-5days
                      India (Other Cities) 5-7days


                      Embargoed items:

                      1. Items prohibited by circulation or delivery by national laws and regulations;

                      2. Dangerous items such as explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic;
                      3. Reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene articles;
                      4. Various currencies;
                      5. Articles that impair public health;
                      6. Perishable items;
                      7. Live animals;
                      8. Insufficient packaging, items that may endanger personal safety, contamination or damage other mail equipment;
                      9. Other items that are not suitable for postal conditions, including liquids, powders, foods, teas, drugs, imitation cards, pure batteries, etc.

                      If the embargoed item is posted, it will be found that the carrier may impose a fine and the responsible sender will bear the penalty.

                      Compensation standard:

                      1.India express line is generally available on the next day of delivery. In order to ensure the safety of customers, after receiving the goods and operating the bills, the express mail will be lost before the Internet, and Hengyi will compensate the customers for losses according to the declared value. The upper limit is $100) and the maximum is no more than 3 times the shipping cost. Since the inquiry date, there is no result within 2 months. We regard it as a loss before the Internet, and compensate the customer according to this rule. If the package is found afterwards and it has nothing to do with our responsibility, we reserve the right to recover the compensation.

                      2. After the Indian express express parcel is online, in the process of delivery, loss, shortage, damage and delay due to non-customer negligence, Hengyi will assist the customer to apply for compensation from the local express delivery company in India. If the shipment is damaged or lost, our company will compensate according to the declared value, up to a maximum of 100 US dollars. After the loss is determined, the courier company generally handles the compensation within six months. The specific compensation time and compensation amount are subject to the results of the courier company. However, it is not liable for indirect losses and unrealized benefits.

                      3. In the following cases, our local agent express company in India does not assume liability for compensation:

                      I.   Due to force majeure.
                      2. If the items delivered are in violation of the prohibition or restriction on delivery, they shall be confiscated by the competent authority or handled in accordance with relevant regulations.
                      3. The package is delivered in good condition without any trace of disassembly, and the recipient has signed the receipt according to the prescribed procedures. Afterwards, the recipient finds that the internals are short or damaged.
                      4. Loss or delay of the package due to the customer's responsibility or the goods itself.
                      V.   The customer has not inquired and submitted no claim for compensation since the date of delivery of the parcel until the expiration of the enquiry.
                      6. International parcels are detained, confiscated or destroyed by the country of origin in accordance with their domestic laws.


                      Delivery process:

                      1. Log in to Hengyi International Logistics System Client → Single Entry/Bulk Upload → Submit Order (Unconfirmed Column) → Print Address Label (confirm delivery) → Delivery.

                      2. On the next day of delivery, you can log in to your account registered in Hengyi on the website of www.0519buy.com, for example: zhangsan (Zhang San), you can check the relevant shipping records, including the package billing weight. Single number, receipt information and other data.

                      3. After obtaining the order number, you can track the package information on the website of www.0519buy.com.


                      1. The constant speed of the India Express express line does not include the customs duties, customs fines, storage fees, customs clearance fees, etc. that may be incurred when the goods arrive at the destination customs, or the customs clearance procedures of the destination cannot be completed due to the goods, or the recipient does not cooperate with customs clearance. If the goods are returned to the place of origin (can not be destroyed at this time), all costs incurred, if the recipient refuses to pay, will be borne by the sender.

                      2. If the goods cannot be cleared due to false information, false reports, etc., or customs fines, all costs shall be borne by the sender.

                      3.  One-vote multi-piece calculation method: Calculate the actual weight and volume weight of each package separately, and add the larger ones.

                      4. Goods in India's special line shall not have products with batteries, magnetic, liquid or powder, and reject all illegal goods that are illegal or infringing.

                      5. The Indian Express Line does not accept imitation cards. If it finds illegal goods, the freight and goods will not be returned, and the economic losses caused by the company will be retained.

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