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                      Current: Home >> Services >> International ocean shipping

                       Hengyi relies on three well-known ports in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to maintain business relations with more than a dozen international shipping companies and maintain contractual contracts with a number of shipping companies. Price agreement. Hengyi has carried out e-commerce cooperation with many shipowners to realize electronic shipping booking and cargo tracking on the Internet. It can be realized online from the inquiry, booking, confirmation, pre-allocation, bill of lading and other aspects. Through advanced e-commerce technology and a wide range of negotiated rates, Hengyi is able to offer its customers a diverse selection of ship owners and flexible schedules.

                          Container Shipping (FCL):Using the advantages of liners in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with inland trailers, China-Hong Kong trailers and barge feeder services, regardless of the tight schedule requirements, Hengyi can Customers offer flexible options including different departure ports such as Chiwan, Yantian, Huangpu and Hong Kong; different shipping companies such as APL, OOCL, MSC, COSCO DELMAS   NYK  L'LIN etc; Different cut-off periods, from Monday to Sunday.

                      LCL:Hengyi has cooperated with a number of large-scale logistics companies to provide bulk cargo consolidation services from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou to major ports and inland points in the world. Hengyi flexibly arranges the transportation and customs declaration of LCL cargo according to the needs of customers and the difficulty of customs clearance of goods, combined with the specific operation differences of customs in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, ensuring that customers can safely deliver their destinations at the lowest cost. .

                      Marine Import: Hengyi can provide import shipping services to domestic importers through its relatively complete foreign agent network. According to the customer's request, arrange container transportation at the port of departure, and provide full container pick-up, unpacking, customs declaration, land and air transshipment services at the domestic destination port.

                          Bulk shipping:Constant合作 Cooperate with many ship owners at home and abroad to represent chartering vessels and provide oceangoing transportation of bulk cargo from China to the rest of the world.

                      Agent Shipping Package:Hengyi fully utilizes its professional customs clearance advantages to provide customers with one-stop service for empty containers, trailers, commodity inspection and customs declaration at the terminal yard. Just tell your needs and leave the rest to Hengyi. You can keep track of the flow of goods, and you can stay outside the cumbersome logistics and better focus on the international market---this is Jin Hengyu The value that sea brings to you.

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