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                      International Express Service
                      International Express Service
                      International air transport
                      Take a formal way of declaration and transport by air
                      International ocean shipping
                      Take a formal way of declaration and transport by sea
                      Taiwan Logistics line
                      Taiwan Logistics line

                      On the Heng Xun

                      Heng Xun Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in June 1997. The company registered capital of RMB three million yuan. It has international freight agency, import and export trade agency, import and export declaration agency and express import and export newspaper. It has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Commerce and commodity inspection, General Administration of customs, Whampoa customs and Shenzhen customs for record. To turn off the right and establish the right of the bonded zone. Shenzhen Heng Xun Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in October 2009. The company is the core business of international parts agent and Taiwan air cargo. It also includes international special line, general trade, storage and other value-added services.

                      Up to now, there are about 268 employees, including 18 management teams.

                      The main part of the goods (including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Dongguan Humen, obligation, Shanghai and other places) of all goods collection, sorting, transport and other functions of the headquarters base.

                      Shenzhen Hengxun logistics under the jurisdiction; Guangzhou branch, Dongguan branch, Hengxun global branch (India special line), obligation branch, Shanghai branch.

                      Cargo receipt
                      Inventory review
                      Cargo tracking
                      Merchant handover

                      Our advantages

                      Professional logistics service

                      Our company has a leading information system.
                      Let you know the exact progress of each business at any time

                      Strong transport capacity

                      Specializes in freight transport services in all parts of the country
                      Is a supply chain integrated professional transport company

                      Professional team members

                      The company has a strong competitive and professional operation group.
                      Specializes in freight transport services in all parts of the country

                      Huge market resources

                      Transport products and models with multiple temperature control combined transportation, distribution capabilities and alienation services


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