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                      Aboutus | ABOUT US
                      Company profile

                      Company profile

                      Heng Xun Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in June 1997. The company registered capital of RMB three million yuan. 

                      It has international freight agency, import and export trade agency, import and export declaration agency and express import and export newspaper.

                       It has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Commerce and commodity inspection, General Administration of customs, 

                      Whampoa customs and Shenzhen customs for record. To turn off the right and establish the right of the bonded zone. Shenzhen Heng Xun Logistics Co., Ltd. 

                      was established in 2014. The company is the core business of international parts agent and Taiwan air cargo. It also includes international special line, 

                      general trade, storage and other value-added services.

                      Up to now, there are about 268 employees, including 18 management teams.

                      The main part of the goods (including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Dongguan Humen, obligation, Shanghai and other places) of all goods collection,

                       sorting, transport and other functions of the headquarters base.

                      Shenzhen Hengshu Logistics under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou Branch, Dongguan Branch, Hengshu Global Branch (India Special Line), Volunteer Branch, 

                      Shanghai Branch!

                      Corporate goals

                      To achieve the grand goal of logistics informationization, the company is currently improving software system upgrades to provide customers with 

                      efficient and quality services. The company aims at "Heng Xun logistics, transport through the world", in line with the business philosophy of "customer 

                      first, considerate service, good faith, sharing and win-win", in order to achieve "customer satisfaction is our goal" for the purpose! With the first-class 

                      operation system and continuous improvement of the service network, dedicated to provide customers with safe, rapid, convenient and accurate logistics 


                      Company advantages

                      1.DHL international parts services:
                      Our company has developed international express via DHL, which has a large market proportion and is a more universal international service. This 

                      service has a fast speed, complete track, reliable, convenient inquiry, and has a strong ability to clear customs in the world.

                      2. Federal International parts services:
                      The international express forwarded by our company is fast, convenient, safe and reliable. It has special preference for international heavy goods.

                      3.TNT international parts services:
                      I developed an international express through TNT, which is fast, convenient, safe and reliable. It has strong ability to clear customs in Western Europe.

                      4. international line service:
                      International special line is the main business of our company. It integrates the advantages of Taiwan and India service providers, with the advantages 

                      of good price, controllable process, flexible operation, good security and fast delivery speed. Cost effective and fast speed has always been the advantage

                       of special line service.


                      Company qualification

                      Shenzhen Hengsu Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, with a registered capital of 2 million, is an international freight forwarding enterprise approved 

                      by the Ministry of Commerce. Headquartered in Shenzhen, there are stations in all districts of Shenzhen. The company has been established for many 

                      years with a number of high-quality and rich experienced logistics professionals, and has established an excellent management team and customer 

                      service team.

                      Service scope

                      DHL, FEDEX, TNT, import, foreign trade, logistics, express, electricity supplier, Taiwan special line, India special line.

                      Service tenet

                      Customer first, good service, honesty, win-win cooperation. Your choice is our greatest motivation. Your opinion is the direction we change.

                      strategic target

                      Hengsi logistics strategic objectives are guided by the mission of the entire logistics system, and can be achieved in a certain period of time. It sets a visible 

                      and accessible future for the whole logistics system, and points out the direction for the design and selection of basic logistics key points. It is the basic basis

                       of various strategies in logistics strategic planning. The goal of enterprise logistics strategy is consistent with that of enterprise strategy, that is, to minimize 

                      the logistics cost on the premise of guaranteeing the logistics service level. In particular, it can be achieved through the following objectives: to maintain 

                      the stability, low cost and high efficiency of the long-term logistics supply of the enterprise, and to harmonize well with the production and sales system 

                      based on the overall strategy of the export of each company, and to provide early warning and functional scope for the overall strategy of the company. 

                      Variable strength will ultimately win a good competitive advantage for enterprise products.

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