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                      Aboutus | ABOUT US
                      Corporate culture

                      Shenzhen Heng sun Logistics Co., Ltd. is a large freight forwarding company. The headquarters is located in A17, Fuwai second industrial zone, Baoan 

                      District, Shenzhen, with business outlets in all areas in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou, and specializes in the business of Shenzhen, Dongguan 

                      and global cargo transportation and storage. The company has always been awarded the honorary title of "excellent Guangdong cargo enterprise".


                      The company mainly uses multi-agent transportation, such as cargo, freight, transportation, and so on. It is the agent for goods storage and information

                       management. It also provides third party goods plan design for the customers and the integrated goods service for the integration of goods resources. 

                      There are special hotlines, 24 hours for you to provide goods inquiries, business consulting, information feedback, supervision services, to achieve the 

                      integrity, punctuality, safety, convenient service goals, won the support and trust of the vast number of customers throughout the country.

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